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Creating solution-driven and innovative organizations

In this age of disruption, the need for collaborative solutions has wrought extensive changes in the art of leadership. One recent approach is Adaptive Leadership—a ground-breaking leadership coaching approach developed at Harvard University.

In this program, you will examine the unique abilities of Adaptive Leadership to create collaborations capable of generating flexible, innovative solutions to issues caused by change. Build strong, resilient relationships based on trust, self-awareness and solid decision making. Deploy practical tools for fostering consensus. Discover new collaborative processes that deliver real-time value.

Available as a stand-alone program or as a follow up to The Art and Practice of Adaptive Leadership, you will gain hands-on experience you can apply immediately back at work.

  • Senior leaders from private, public and nonprofit sectors who need to collaborate with key stakeholders in order to effect productive responses to change
  • Past participants of The Art and Practice of Adaptive Leadership who wish to further develop their expertise in this area
  • Develop new collaborative structures capable of responding effectively to specific issues
  • Identify shared interests with stakeholders and produce consensual, win-win responses to address them
  • Evaluate core challenges and open up options for tackling them
  • Use cohort feedback and insights to improve the quality of your decisions
  • Foster a collaborative culture and sustain communities of ongoing support
  • Exploit the advantages of adaptive collaboration to lead organizations in rapidly changing contexts

Review of the Adaptive Leadership Framework

  • Its unique mechanisms for responding to disruptive change and building collaboration

Identifying Adaptive Work

  • Gaps between adaptive challenges and personal values, thinking critically about challenges from multiple perspectives

Leading Without Authority

  • Empowering others to take ownership, overcoming barriers to collaboration, developing strategies for effective collaboration

Building Strong Relationships

  • Engaging stakeholders to define problems and solutions, generating a sense of legitimacy and support, coming to solutions through principled negotiation

Shaping Organizational Change

  • Anticipating future challenges and opportunities, mobilizing the full resources of your organization to tackle change

Special features

You will explore innovative ways to form professional alliances, collaborate on organizational challenges and build strong and lasting solutions.

Adel Gamar

Adel Gamar


Adel is an Adjunct faculty member at the UBC Sauder School of Business and CEO of a boutique firm specializing in adaptive leadership, strategy and change management. He is driven to forge effective collaborations among business, government and non-profit sectors while creating lasting solutions. In addition to advising senior leaders of Fortune 500 companies and public sector agencies worldwide, he has taught adaptive leadership and negotiation at Harvard and served as Education Specialist at UNESCO. He also co-facilitated the Think Tank on Global Education: Empowering Global Citizens.

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