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UBC Diploma in Marketing & Sales Management

Course topics & key dates

Course topics by year


Customer Relationship/Sales Force Management

  • Sales force structure and territory alignment
  • Evaluating profitability and sales force performance 
  • Sales force compensation
  • Selling via agents and channel partners
  • Recruiting, Selecting, and Training the Sales Force
  • Utilizing technology
  • Developing an Integrated Sales Program

Marketing Principles

  • Market segmentation and target market selection
  • Competitive analysis and product positioning
  • Buyer Behaviour
  • Assessing profitability and setting prices
  • Managing channel conflict
  • Communication objectives and promotion
  • Integrated Marketing Plans


Financial Management

  • Interpreting financial statements
  • Evaluating financial performance ratios  
  • Creating projected financial statements
  • Evaluating the performance of marketing campaigns
  • Evaluating the sales pipeline and conversion
  • Customer lifetime value analysis
  • Evaluating loyalty reward programs  

Market Research and Integrated Marketing Communications

  • Defining communication objectives
  • Developing creative strategy
  • Selecting media & executing IMC
  • Assessing brand meaning
  • Brand analytics
  • Evaluating brand extensions
  • Managing brands  


Marketing Strategy

  • Strategic issues in marketing
  • Strategic marketing frameworks
  • Marketing strategy simulation
  • Evaluating market segments
  • Evaluating alternative marketing strategies

Digital and Social Marketing

  • Analytics and attribution
  • Paid social
  • Search (paid - SEM)
  • Search (organic - SEO)
  • Other channels (email, influencer and content marketing)  

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