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UBC-SMEI Diploma in Marketing & Sales Management

Fees & Registration

Registration deadline and early registration discount

Registration deadline is September 16, 2023 for the program starting in September 2023. Applicants to Year 1 of the program are eligible for a $200 early-registration discount if they register by June 30, 2022.

Rolling admission is in effect meaning that applicants are evaluated as they apply on a case-by case basis and notified of acceptance within two weeks of their submitted application.

Admission to the program is capped at 45 students per year in order to maintain the quality of the educational experience. Consequently, prospective applicants are encouraged to apply early. 

Admission requirements

Applicants admitted to the program must have successfully completed high school education or its equivalent. Applicants may have degrees or diplomas in business or non-business disciplines but holding a prior degree or diploma is not a pre-requisite to apply to the program.

Applicants typically have several years of experience working in either a sales or marketing role, or are business owners/entrepreneurs. Applicants come from a wide range of industries and backgrounds (e.g., Sales Representative, Account Executive, Sales Manager, Territory Manager, Marketing Manager, Service Coordinator, General Manager, Business Unit Manager, Project Manager, etc.).

The program is classroom-based on the UBC Point Grey Campus and is not a distance program. Consequently, applicants tend to reside in the Vancouver/lower mainland area.

Progression to second and third year of the program is open to those who have successfully completed the first and second years respectively. 

Course tuition fees

The annual course fee for 2022/2023 is $4,250. Students are required to pay the course fee each year they are enrolled in the program (total of 3 years).

The course fee covers the cost of tuition as well as all books and materials and the year-end workshop and banquet. The course fee also includes the CSE and CME designations (given to those completing year 1 and year 3 respectively), as well as complimentary membership with SMEI Vancouver.

The course fee is a tax-deductible tuition expense under Canada Revenue Agency tax rules. SMEI issues a T2202A form showing applicable tuition fees paid that can be submitted to Canada Revenue Agency when filing your income tax.

The course fee does not include remediation or supplemental examination fees. Candidates requiring remediation and/or supplemental examination pay an additional fee:

  • Remediation and examination: $450.00
  • **Supplemental examination: $250.00
  • **Supplemental privileges may be granted to those students who have an average between 40% and 49% on the exam component of the year and who have satisfactorily completed all other year requirements. The exam component(s) of each year must be passed in order to progress to the next year or to graduate.

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