UBC Diploma in Accounting Program


Your Path to Success

The UBC Diploma in Accounting Program (DAP) consists of 7 foundation and 8 senior level courses which together lay the theoretical and practical underpinning for a career in accounting and business. The curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, analytical skills, and strategic communication tools required to succeed in today's business world. All 15 required UBC DAP courses qualify for entry into the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP).

UBC DAP courses are offered year-round, enabling you to take a maximum of 5 courses in both September and January winter terms and up to 3 courses in both May and July summer terms.  Enjoy the flexibility of completing the UBC DAP program in 16 months of full-time study, or more gradually over 24 months on a part-time basis while continuing to work full-time or part-time.  You are welcome to apply and take select courses on an as-needed basis if you are not interested in completing the UBC Diploma in Accounting credential (Dip Acc).

Classes are held primarily on weeknights, with flexibility to select from In-person classes at the UBC Point Grey campus and/or Hybrid classes held primarily online, with final exams held in-person at the UBC Point Grey campus.