UBC Diploma in Accounting Program

CPA designation

The CPA Professional Designation

With a vision to be the pre-eminent internationally recognized Canadian accounting and business credential, the CPA certification program provides candidates with the foundational knowledge and skills that professional accountants need to succeed in whatever role they take on.

Individuals aspiring to work in the field of professional accountancy are now trained under a common certification program reducing confusion and simplifying the hiring process for recruiters. The path to professional accountancy consists of:

  • Completing a four-year undergraduate degree
  • Completing the 15 pre-requisites in order to qualify for the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP) 
  • Complete the 6 modules of the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP) 
  • Successfully pass the CPA Common Final Examination (CFE) 
  • Obtain 30-months of full-time, qualified work experience

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