UBC Diploma in Accounting Program

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Incoming Student Awards

Scholarships have been endowed to recognize outstanding academic achievements for students entering the UBC Diploma in Accounting Program. There are currently two awards available to incoming students – DAP Annual Golf Tournament Entrance Scholarship and DAP Admission Excellence Scholarship

Diploma in Accounting Program (DAP) Annual Golf Tournament Entrance Scholarship

The UBC DAP is pleased to offer the Annual Golf Tournament Entrance Scholarship to students who are enrolled in UBC DAP, have indicated they intend to complete the UBC DAP credential on their Program application, and demonstrate a combination of academic excellence (minimum 75% admission average), strong leadership abilities, and community involvement. Applications for these scholarships are available at entry into the Program in January, May, and September.

How to Apply

To apply for the Program Entrance Scholarships, students must submit the following documentation to the UBC DAP office in-person or by mail by the stated application deadlines:

  1. A completed and signed Application Form
  2. An up-to-date resume
  3. Two non-academic reference letters in support of your application

DAP Admission Excellence Scholarship

The DAP Admission Excellence Scholarship is a new entrance scholarship to recognize outstanding students who have demonstrated academic excellence during their undergraduate degree at a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution. The scholarship has no cash value, is non-transferrable and includes a tuition credit that can be used towards one or two courses in UBC DAP (value of up to $1,560 CAD). The tuition credit must be used within the first term of study for the student’s admitted program start date.

A maximum of 15 scholarships may be awarded per admission intake, and are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis as applications are submitted and reviewed for each intake.

Eligibility criteria

To meet the eligibility criteria for the DAP Admission Excellence Scholarship, applicants are required to have:

  • Completed a 4-year undergraduate degree at a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution with an academic achievement of A- or 80% in their last two years of study, as per the admissions average determined at the time of admissions review.
  • Applied to UBC DAP with the intention of completing the full program requirements. Non-Diploma students are not eligible.

How to apply

There is no application process for this scholarship. If you applied to UBC DAP and have an admissions average of 80%/A- or higher in your last two years of undergraduate study at a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution, you will automatically be considered for this scholarship at the time of the admissions review. The admission average is calculated by the DAP Admissions Committee at the time of application review.

Eligible recipients will be contacted by the UBC DAP office directly.

Loans and Grants

Government-funded student loans are available to assist students in financing their post secondary education.

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