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Our people

Ch'nook Management Team

Jennifer Hooper, Director Ch'nook

Jennifer Hooper


Jennifer Hooper is the Director for Ch’nook. She brings 26 years of experience working in Indigenous economic development in government, private industry, First Nations Bands, Tribal Councils and education institutions to the role.


Jennifer’s previous experience in the area of economic development progressed from providing start-up grants to individual entrepreneurs to helping communities and eventually providing consulting services to major projects. Prior to joining Ch’nook in June 2019, Jennifer worked at Ministry of Jobs Trade and Technology, where she developed the International Indigenous business portfolio, helping companies access international markets in the US, Asia and Europe.


Jennifer is member of Tahltan Nation and holds a Bachelor of Arts from Simon Fraser University. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys travel, hiking and spending time with friends and family. She is a mother and wife and believes in giving back to the community. She sits on the board of the North Shore Neighbourhood House.



Jonathan Easey Ch'nook Program Manager

Jonathan Easey

Program Manager, Ch'nook Scholars & DTES Accelerated Business Program

Jonathan is a researcher and program manager for Ch’nook. In his role, Jonathan works with the Ch’nook Scholars Program and the Downtown Eastside deliveries of the Ch’nook Accelerated Business Program (ABP) as well as does research and program evaluation for the centre.


Prior to joining Ch’nook in January 2017, Jonathan worked in management consulting, focusing on customer strategy research in the utilities sector. Outside of work and school, Jonathan has spent time volunteering with various LGBT+, immigrant, and labour organizations. 


Jonathan holds two degrees in Music Theory – a BA from Florida State University (2009) and an MA from the University of British Columbia (2012). Jonathan also sits on the board of Erato, a Vancouver-based chamber music ensemble, and sings with the Juno-nominated Chor Leoni Men’s Choir.

Jaimie Harris Ch'nook

Jaimie Harris

Program Manager, Accelerated Business Program

Jaimie is a program manager for Ch’nook as well as a Heiltsuk Tribal Councilor. Her ancestral name is Kvus’las meaning Eagle Down. In the program manger role, Jaimie leads the Accelerated Business Program that is delivered in the Vancouver region as well as rural delivery during the summer months.


Prior to joining Ch’nook Management Team in May of 2019, Jaimie had worked within the Bella Bella Community School Society as the Payroll/Post-Secondary Specialist. Within that role Jaimie had managed and supported the funded Post-Secondary students within the Heiltsuk Nation.


Outside of work within UBC, Jaimie remains to serve within the Heiltsuk Tribal Council with the education portfolio, among other portfolios and projects within Bella Bella BC. Jaimie holds a Business Administration degree from Capilano University (2015) and encourages life long learning.


Erin Catherall

Program Manager, Aboriginal Management Program

Erin is a program manager for Ch'nook Indigenous Business Education. Erin leads the Aboriginal Management Program (AMP) and supports other Ch'nook initiatives and research.

Prior to joining the Ch'nook team, Erin worked for ten years with the provincial government as a First Nations Engagement Officer in Strategic Engagement with BC Wildfire Service. Erin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Vancouver Island University as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, with a double major in art history and visual arts. In her spare time, Erin loves spending time outdoors and giving back to community through volunteering for various non-profit organizations.


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