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The Ch’nook Accelerated Business Program (ABP) is a customizable course offering that Ch’nook delivers in partnership with Indigenous communities and organizations. The program offers accelerated entrepreneurship, business administration, and leadership course content tailored to the individuals, communities, and organizations that partner with us. Each ABP delivery reflects the needs and desires of the partnering community or organization not only in course materials but also delivery format, time-frame, and learning outcomes.

ABP courses are co-created and coordinated by Ch’nook staff and are taught by UBC Sauder business students – usually a mix of undergraduate (Bachelor of Commerce) and graduate (MBA) students. The curricula taught in the program have been developed and refined by both Sauder faculty members and Ch’nook staff and the lectures & activities are designed to thoroughly cover a large breadth of business concepts in a comparatively short timeframe.

Partnering with communities

Our partner communities and organizations often provide support, assistance, or in-kind contributions to ABP deliveries. Learn more about becoming a partner here.

Community Entrepreneurship Course

The CEC focuses on developing participants’ entrepreneurial ideas into fully-fledged business plans. Learn more about the course here

I was the lone Indigenous business student at the University of Victoria at the time and it was an incredibly isolating experience. Being given the opportunity to meet with fellow students across the province was inspirational and gave me the energy to continue.

Lisa Pender (deWit) – University of Victoria
Wet’su’wet’en First Nation, BC (past Ch’nook Scholar)

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