Bachelor of Commerce

Study Globally

Global reach

Located at Canada’s gateway to the Asia-Pacific, UBC Sauder has a distinctly international perspective on business. Not only will you gain a multicultural view from our diverse faculty and students, but if your goal is to work overseas, we have your passport to success through our global opportunities. By directly experiencing another country’s business practices, languages, and culture, you will broaden your understanding of world markets and trade, enhance your knowledge of global issues, and make valuable business connections along the way.

Study abroad

Experience another culture while completing part of your degree through UBC's Go Global Exchange Program. With opportunities to study at 200 universities in 41 countries, the program is one of the largest of its kind in North America. You can go on exchange for one or two terms of study, or opt for shorter excursions through a variety of global seminars that are bound to satisfy your wanderlust while you earn course credit.


UBC Sauder-HKU Dual Degree

In this four-year dual degree, you will spend two years in Vancouver and two years in Hong Kong, gaining a global business education, and graduating with two degrees: A Bachelor of Commerce from UBC Sauder and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Hong Kong.


UBC Sauder LIFT: Kenya

Participate in a four-week, two-way exchange of business skills and knowledge with local entrepreneurs in Kenya through our UBC Sauder LIFT program. This unique program allows you to share your business acumen with aspiring entrepreneurs, while learning about other cultures, how businesses are created and grow in developing nations, and the role of education, mentorship and volunteerism in economic development.

SSE Kenya Program Overview

Embrace new perspectives

The Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management specialization is a joint exchange program between the UBC Sauder School of Business, Copenhagen Business School, and Chinese University of Hong Kong in Shenzhen. Join a small cohort of students from all three institutions as you study at each campus to see practical applications of logistics through the lens of each region. You’ll develop skills in conceptual thinking, communication, creativity, and analysis to generate ideas that advance the practice of this crucial component of global commerce.


The Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management program challenges me to learn not only inside of the classroom about supply chain management and  logistics theories on an international scale, but also outside of the classroom through interactions with a truly diverse cohort of peers from around
the world

Curtis Hoy, BCom 2020

Deepen intercultural understanding

There are many opportunities to expand your studies beyond UBC, but you don’t need to leave campus for an international education. There are over 160 countries represented in the student body at UBC where global perspectives and cross-cultural learning are encouraged both in and out of the classroom.

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