Tamar Milne

Tamar Milne

Meet Tamar Milne

BComm (British Columbia), MA (British Columbia)
Lecturer, Marketing and Behavioural Science Division

Tamar Milne was awarded the 2012/13 UBC Killam Teaching Prize for teaching excellence, with specific recognition of her initiative in adopting new learning technologies and her experience in pioneering and redesigning innovative courses. She is also the 2016 recipient of the Commerce Undergraduate Society’s Teaching Excellence Award, having been nominated twice before by her BCom students.

With a focus on applied and experiential learning opportunities, Tamar brings to Sauder her two decades of management experience in marketing, sales, communications, and sustainability in a wide variety of sectors, including natural resources, consumer products manufacturing, tourism, and transportation. She believes in business as a force for good and serves as Co-Chair of Sauder’s Sustainability & Ethics Group and as a Teaching & Learning Fellow with UBC’s University Sustainability Initiative.

Since joining Sauder in 2007, Tamar has developed a broad portfolio of courses across all degree programs. In the BCom program, she has taught COMM 101 Business Fundamentals, COMM 296 Introduction to Marketing, COMM 386E Social Enterprise, COMM 465 Marketing Management, COMM 468 Marketing Applications, and COMM 486F Sustainability Marketing. In the Bachelor + Master of Management dual degree program, she has taught COMM 120 Business Immersion. And in the MBA/IMBA program, Tamar has taught BA 560 Ethics & Sustainability, BAEN 580A Social Entrepreneurship, BASD 504 Environmental Marketing, BAMA 500 Marketing Strategy, and BAMA 515 Strategic Management of Services. She has also taught Marketing and Marketing Research in the Aboriginal Management Program of the Ch’nook Initiative.

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