Tae Hoon Oum

Tae Hoon Oum

Meet Tae Hoon Oum

BCom (Sung Kyun Kwan, Seoul-Summa-cum-laude)
MBA, PhD (British Columbia)
Professor Emeritus, Operations and Logistics Division
UPS Foundation Chair in Transportation


  • Xiao, Y., Fu, X., Oum, T.H. and Yan, J. (2017), “Modeling Airport Capacity Choice with Real Options”, Transportation Research - Part B (Methodology), vol. 100, 93-114.
  • Liu, S. and Oum, T.H. (2018), “Prospects for air policy liberalization in China as a Result of China-ASEAN Open Skies: Changing role of Chinese mega carriers in global scene and anticipated Low Cost Carrier competition,” an invited research paper, Transport Policy, 72, A1-A9.
  • Oum, Tae H, Wang, Kun, Yan, Jia (2019). “Measuring the Effects of Open Skies Agreement on Bilateral Passenger Flow and Service Export and Import Trades”, Transport Policy, 74 (Feb, 2019), 1-14.
  • Yan, J, Fu, X, Oum, TH, and Wang, K, (2019), “Airline Horizontal Mergers and ProductivityEmpirical Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment in China”, International J. of Industrial Organization (IJIO), vol.62, 358-376.
  • Fu, X, Jin, H., Liu, S, Oum, T.H. Yan, J. (2019), “Exploring Network Effects of Point-to-Point Networks: An Investigation of the Spatial Patterns of Southwest Airlines’ Network”, Transport Policy, 76, 3.

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