Sandra Chamberlain


Sandra Chamberlain

BS (Berkeley), MBA (Chicago), PhD (Chicago), CPA, CMA (British Columbia)
CPA Chair in Accounting
Associate Professor, Accounting and Information Systems Division

Selected publications

  • "CEO Incentives and the Health of Defined Benefits Plans", Review of Accounting Studies, 2015 Vol 20, No.3, pp 1013-1058, co-authored with Joy Begley, Shuo Yang, and Jenny Li Zhang.
  • "The Effect of Bank Ownership Changes on Subsidiary-Level Earnings" Bank Mergers and Acquisitions edited by Yakov Amihud and Geoffrey Miller, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston 1998 (137-172).
  • "Capital Shocks and Merger Activity in the Property-Liability Insurance Industry" Journal of Risk and Insurance, 65 (No 4 1998): 563-595 with Sharon Tennyson.
  • "Determinants of the Time-Series of Earnings and Implications for Earnings Quality", co-authored with Regina Anctil, Contemporary Accounting Research, Vol. 22, No. 3, Fall 2005, pp. 31-68.
  • "Modeling Goodwill for Banks: A Residual Income Approach With Empirical Tests", co-authored with Joy Begley and Yinghua Li, Contemporary Accounting Research, Vol. 23, Spring 2006, pp. 483-517.

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