Russell Lundholm

Russell Lundholm

Meet Russell Lundholm

B.S. (Oregon State); M.S. (Iowa); PhD (Iowa); CPA (Iowa)
Deloitte and Touche Professor in Accounting
Professor and Chair, Accounting and Information Systems Division

Selected publications

  • "Forecasting Sales: A Model and Some Evidence from the Retail Industry." Contemporary Accounting Review Vol 31, Issue 2, pp 581-68, Summer 2014. Authors: Asher Curtis, Russell Lundholm and Sarah McVay.
  • "Restoring the Tower of Babel: How Foreign Firms Communicate with US Investors". The Accounting Review, Vol. 89 (2014): 1453-1485.  Authors: Russell Lundholm, Rafael Rogo and Jenny Li Zhang.
  • "Attracting Attention in a Limited Attention World: Exploring the Causes and Consequences of Extreme Positive Earnings Surprises."  Management Science (online January 19, 2016).  Authors: Allison Koester, Russell Lundholm and Mark Soliman.
  • "Do Analyst Forecasts Vary Too Much", Journal of Financial Reporting, forthcoming in Inaugural Issue.  Authors: Russell Lundholm and Rafael Rogo.
  • "The Foreign Investor Bias and its Linguistic Origins", Management Science (R) March 2017.  Authors: Russell Lundholm, Nafis Rahman and Rafael Rogo. 

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