Rosanna Yusuf

Rosanna Yusuf

Senior Accountant, Bosa Properties Inc.

Working for Bosa Properties Inc., Rosanna Yusuf enjoys her role in communicating how financial information impacts the business

With a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from SFU under her belt, Rosanna Yusuf considered her next steps. Instinctively drawn to a career in business, she investigated several avenues before determining that a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation* would open the door not only to work in accounting, but finance and business strategy as well. The awards and accolades she earned along the way affirmed her decision - she received an entrance scholarship to the CMA program and was the Certified Management Accountants of BC mentee of the year while enrolled in the UBC Diploma in Accounting Program.

The Decision

“I chose UBC DAP because I felt it would ensure a smooth transition from my science under-graduate degree to a professional accounting program,” explains Yusuf. “Plus it offered all the prerequisites required to enter the CMA program.”

The Transition

Having never taken an accounting course, Yusuf was concerned about transitioning to the pro-gram but soon determined that by completing assignments and studying, she would be fine.

The Experience

“The program laid the foundation for a smooth transition to the CMA program where I was able to employ a lot of what I had learned,” says Yusuf. “I also really appreciated the networking events which helped me grow my professional network.”

The Career Path

While enrolled in the CMA program, Yusuf began a new role as a junior accountant for a local heating and air conditioning company where she eventually became controller. Currently she is employed as a Senior Accountant at Bosa Properties Inc. “I really enjoy being able to analyze financial information and communicate effectively how it will impact the business,” reflects Yusuf. “Working with different people is also fun.”

An avid reader, Yusuf enjoys marathon running, snowboarding and travelling, and volunteers on the professional development committee for the CPA Vancouver Chapter in her spare time.

* In British Columbia, legislation to unify the three legacy accounting bodies; the Institute of Chartered Accountants of BC, the Certified General Accountants Association of BC and the Certified Management Accountants Society of BC came into effect in June 2015, uniting them under the common banner of Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA).