Ron Giammarino

Ron Giammarino

Meet Ron Giammarino

BA (St. Francis Xavier), MA PhD (Queen's)
PHN Professor in Corporate Finance
Director, Phillips, Hager & North Centre for Financial Research
Professor, Finance Division

Selected publications

  • Garlappi, L., Giammarino, R. and Lazrak, A., (Forthcoming), "Ambiguity and the Corporation; Group Disagreement and Underinvestment". Journal of Financial Economics.
  • Carlson, M., Fisher, A., Giammarino, R., Dockner, E. (2014). "Leaders, Followers, and Risk Dynamics in Industry Equilibrium." Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.
  • Carlson, M., Fisher, A., Giammarino, R., (2010). "SEOs, Real Options, and Risk Dynamics: Empirical Evidence". Review of Financial Studies, 23 (11), 4026-4077.
  • Carlson, M., Fisher, A., Giammarino, R., (2006). "Corporate Decisions and Asset Price Dynamics: Implications for SEO Event Studies and Long Run Performance." Journal of Finance, 61, 1009-1034.
  • Giammarino, R., Nosal, E., (2005). "Loggers versus Campers: Compensation for the Taking of Property Rights", Journal of Law Economics and Organization, 21 (1) 136-152.

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