Robin Lindsey

Robin Lindsey

Robin Lindsey

BA (Queen's University), M.A. (Queen's University), PhD (Princeton University)
CN Chair in Transportation and International Logistics
Professor, Operations and Logistics Division

Selected publications

  • de Palma, A., R. Lindsey, “Tradable permit schemes for controlling traffic congestion with variable capacity and demand”, Economics of Transportation, forthcoming. Paper

  • Inan, M., E. Inci and R. Lindsey, “Spillover parking”, Transportation Research Part B: Methodological 125, 2019, 197-228. 

  • Lindsey, R., A. de Palma and H. Silva, “Equilibrium in the bottleneck model with atomic and non-atomic usersˮ, Transportation Research Part B: Methodological 124, 2019, 82-107. Paper

  • Zhang, J., R. Lindsey and Hai Yang, “Public transit service frequency and fares with heterogeneous users under monopoly and alternative regulatory policiesˮ, Transportation Research Part B: Methodological 117, 2018, 190-208. Paper

  • de Palma, A., R. Lindsey and G. Monchambert, “The economics of crowding in rail transitˮ, Journal of Urban Economics 101, 2017, 106-122. Paper

  • Qian, Q., P. Guo and R. Lindsey, “Comparison of subsidy schemes in reducing waiting times for public health-care servicesˮ, Production and Operations Management 26(11), 2017, 2033-2049 Paper.


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