Ralph Winter

Ralph Winter

Meet Ralph Winter

BSc (UBC), MA, PhD (Berkeley)
Canada Research Chair in Business Economics and Policy
Professor, Strategy and Business Economics Division

Selected publications

  • Iacobucci, Edward and R.A. Winter, (2016) "European Law on Selective Distribution and Internet Sales" An Economic Perspective," Antirust Law Journal
  • Dubrovinsky, Mai and R.A. Winter (2015) "Organizational Form and the Quality of Output," Canadian Journal of Economics Issue 48(1), February 2015, 189-206
  • Winter,R.A. "Innovation and the Dynamics of Global Warming," Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Volume 68, Issue 1, (July 2014): 124-140
  • Jing, Ran and Winter, R.A. "Exclusionary Contracts", Journal of Law Economics and Organization Vol. 30, No. 4 (November 2014): 833-867
  • Krishnan, Harish., Winter, R.A. (2011), "The Economics of Supply Chain Contracting,"  manuscript published as single issue of Foundations and Trends in Microeconomics

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