Peter J. C. Frost (In Memoriam)

Peter J. C. Frost (In Memoriam)

Meet Peter J. C. Frost (In Memoriam)

Dr. Peter J. Frost, a professor of the Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Division, taught at UBC for almost three decades and passed away in 2004.

Dr. Frost co-founded the Compassion Lab, which was dedicated to developing a perspective on organizations as sites for human growth and the development of human strengths. He was also a Fellow of the Academy of Management and an active advisor to generations of doctoral students at UBC and elsewhere.

He won numerous teaching awards for his courses on organizational behaviour and leadership, including the prestigious 3M Teaching Fellowship. His professional work also extended to book projects, where the 2003 publication of Toxic Emotions at Work was a best-seller and won the prestigious George R. Terry Award.

Peter J.C. Frost is missed by family and friends, UBC faculty and students past and present. For information about the scholarship fund established in honour of Dr. Peter Frost, please visit