Moura Quayle

Moura Quayle

Meet Moura Quayle

BLArch (Guelph), MLArch (California, Berkeley)
Director, UBC Liu Institute for Global Issues 2014-2016

Selected publications

  • "Talent Magnets: Cities and Universities Building a Workforce for the Knowledge Economy". Joint publication 2012 with Leading Cities. 24 pages
  • Janet, M., Pagani, F., Quayle, M., Robinson, J. Swada, B., Spiegelman, G. et al. (2005). "Recreating the university from within: Collaborative reflections on the University of British Columbia's engagement with sustainability." International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 6(1), 65-80. 
  • Hamilton, S., Quayle, M.(2002). "Corridors of Green: Impact of Riparian Suburban Greenways on Property Values. Bringing Business on Board: Sustainable Development & the B-School Curriculum". 365-390. 
  • Quayle, M., Driessen van der Lieck, T. (1997). "Growing Community: A Case for Hybrid Landscapes." Landscape and Urban Planning, 39, 99-107. 
  • Quayle, M. (1995). "Urban Greenways and Public Ways: Realizing Public Ideas in a Fragmented World." Landscape and Urban Planning, 33, 461-475. 

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