Monica Park

Monica Park

Manager, Accounting & Administration, Tap & Barrel Restaurants

The CPA designation leads to an exciting job in the hospitality industry for Monica Park

When Monica Park graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology she debated her next steps -try to find a related job or go on to pursue a master’s degree. Ultimately the idea of working in business was more interesting and accounting was the perfect entry point. After some further career investigation with people working in the accounting profession, she determined it was the right path and made the leap.

The Decision

“I chose UBC DAP because it catered to people with non-accounting undergraduate degrees like me, and it was a compelling and direct route to my goal of becoming a CPA,” explains Park.

The Transition

“At first I was quite intimidated by the curriculum but once I got through the introductory courses and took advantage of the support available, I felt quite comfortable despite the fast pace.” says Park.

The Experience

In addition to enjoying the immediate sense of camaraderie and solidarity she felt with other students from non-accounting backgrounds, Park appreciated the flexibility of the program in enabling students to work while studying.

The Career Path

Monica Park is currently Manager, Accounting and Administration for Tap & Barrel Restaurants and enjoys the lively and dynamic nature of the hospitality industry. “I love how I can utilize my technical accounting knowledge in the restaurant context,” comments Park. “Everyone is familiar with restaurants but it’s been interesting to see them from the inside.”