Maurice Queyranne

Maurice Queyranne

Meet Maurice Queyranne

PhD (Grenoble)
Professor, Operations and Logistics Division

Selected publications

  • Queyranne, M., Wolsey, L.A . (to appear). “Optimum turn-restricted paths, nested compatibility, and optimum convex polygons”. Journal of Combinatorial Optimization (accepted: March 17, 2018).
  • Muñoz, G., Espinoza, D., Goycoolea, M., Moreno, E., Queyranne, M., Rivera, O. (2018). “A study of the Bienstock-Zuckerberg algorithm: applications in mining and resource constrained project scheduling”. Computational Optimization and Applications, 69 501-534
  • Balandraud, E., Queyranne, M., Tardella F. (2018). "Largest minimal inversion-complete and pair-complete sets of permutations”. Combinatorica 38(1) 29-41.
  • Queyranne, M., Wolsey, L.A. (2017). "Tight MIP formulations for bounded up/down times and interval-dependent start-ups". Mathematical Programming 164 129–155.
  • Queyranne, M., Tardella F. (2017). "Carathéodory,Helly and Radon Numbers for Sublattice Convexities". Mathematics of Operations Research 42 (2) 495-516.

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