Masao Nakamura

Masao Nakamura

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BS MS (Keio), PhD (Johns Hopkins)
Konwakai Professor of Japanese Research
Professor, Strategy and Business Economics Division
Joint Appointment

Selected publications

  • "Economic development and business groups in Asia: Japan's experience and implications,: International Advances in Economic Research, (published online: January 15, 20-15), Volume 21, March 2015, 81-103 (in print)
  • "Economic performance and supply chains: The impact of upstream firms' waste output on downstream firms' performance in Japan," (with H. Haymai and A. Nakamura), International Journal of Production Economics, (published online; January 21, 2014) Vol. 160, February 2015, 47-65 (in print)
  • "Globalization and sustainability of Japan's internal labor markets: foreign direct investment (FDI) and wages at Japanese manufacturing firms," Journal of Asian and African Studies 48, 2013, 396-412
  • "Corporate social responsibility and corporate governance: Japanese firms and selective adaptation," (with S. Rebien), UBC Law Review 45, 2012, 723-778
  • "Implications of the Japan model for corporate governance and management for China and other emerging economies in Asia," (with W.M. Fruin), Journal of Asia Business Studies 6, 2012, 122-142

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