Martin Schulz

Martin Schulz

Meet Martin Schulz

MA (Stanford), PhD (Stanford)
Associate Professor, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources

Selected publications

  • Zhu, Kejia & Schulz, Martin (2019) “The Dynamics of Embedded Rules: How Do Rule Networks Affect Knowledge Uptake of Rules in Healthcare?” Forthcoming in: Journal of Management Studies.
  • Schulz, M. 2015. The BTF Vision of Unfolding Rule Worlds; Journal of Management Inquiry, 1–2. Sage Publications (DOI: 10.1177/1056492615572545)
  • Schulz, M. 2014 “Logic of Consequences and Logic of Appropriateness”, in: Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management, edited by Mie Augier and David Teece.
  • Schulz, M. 2008 “Staying on Track: A Voyage to the Internal Mechanisms of Routine Reproduction”, in: Markus C. Becker (ed.): Handbook of Organizational Routines. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, UK
  • Jennings, D., Schulz, M., Patient, D., Gravel, C., Yuan, K. (2005). "Weber and Legal Rule Refinement: The Closing of the Iron Cage?" Organization Studies, 26(4), 621-653.
  • Schulz, M. (2003). "Pathways of Relevance: Exploring Inflows of Knowledge into Subunits of Multinational Corporations." Organization Science, 14(4), 440-459.

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