Mahesh Nagarajan

Mahesh Nagarajan

Meet Mahesh Nagarajan

PhD (U.S.C.)
Professor and Chair, Operations and Logistics Division

Selected publications

  • "Stable Supplier Coalitions in Assembly Systems with Commodity Components".  Co-authors: G. Sosic and C. Tong. Forthcoming in Operations Research
  • "Patient Prioritization in Emergency Department Triage Systems: An Empirical Study of Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale (CTAS)". Forthcoming in M&SOM. Co-authors: Y. Ding, E. Park & E. Grafstein.
  • "Seed Portfolio Management with Production Flexibility". Co-authors: S. Bansal. Operations Research 2017.
  • "Simple Policies for Managing Flexible Capacity."  Forthcoming in M&SOM.  Co-authors: G. Janakiraman, S. Veeraraghavan.
  • "Process Capacity: Exact analysis and the Bottleneck Formula". Forthcoming in M&SOM Co-authors: Bo, Y., M. Dawande, T. Huh, G. Janakiraman.

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