Lingtao Yu

Lingtao Yu

Meet Lingtao Yu

B.S., Psychology, LL.B. (Qingdao University)
M.A. (University of Massachusetts)
Ph.D. (University of Minnesota)
Assistant Professor, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Division

Selected publications

  • Yu, L., & Zellmer-Bruhn, M. May, 2019. What mindfulness can do for a team.
    Harvard Business Review.
  • Yu, L., Duffy, M. K., & Tepper, B. J. 2018. Consequences of downward envy: A model of self-esteem threat, abusive supervision, and supervisory leader self-improvement. Academy of Management Journal, 61 (6), 2296-2318.
  • Yu, L., Duffy, M. K., & Tepper, B. J. September, 2018. Why supervisors envy their employees.
    Harvard Business Review.
  • Yu, L., & Zellmer-Bruhn, M. E. 2018. Introducing team mindfulness and considering its safeguard role against conflict transformation and social undermining. Academy of Management Journal, 61(1), 324-347.
  • Yu, L., & Duffy, M. K. 2015. The spiral of abuse? Reciprocal relationships among abusive supervision, performance, and motives. In John H. (Ed.), Best Paper Proceedings of the Seventy-fifth Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. Online ISSN: 2151-6561.

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