Leah Zhang

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Leah Zhang

Impact Investing Analyst

Leah, a recent graduate from the UBC Sauder School of Business, is finishing her degree specializing in Finance. During her time at UBC, she worked as a Research Assistant and volunteered to teach Social Entrepreneurship in China and Kenya with Sauder Social Entrepreneurship program (SSE) and helped pilot the Indigenous Business Education program (IBEP) with Sauder Ch’nook Indigenous Business Education Centre. Through these experiences, she met local entrepreneurs from diverse cultural backgrounds and age groups, and saw the positive impact and results that social entrepreneurship can bring. Leah’s curiosity and confidence leads her to ask exploratory questions and engage stakeholders to find innovative approaches.

One of her goals for the summer is trying to be a vegan, which is one of the ways she is pursuing greater sustainability. She sees working at S3i as the perfect opportunity to leverage her academic knowledge and personal values, and looks forward to gaining a deeper understanding of how private investment can help social enterprise to grow.