James Tansey

James Tansey

Meet James Tansey

BSc (Hons), PhD (University of East Anglia, UK)
Executive Director, Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing
Associate, The W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics (former Chair in Business Ethics at CAE)

Selected publications

  • Tansey, James and Michael Burgess. 'Conflation of classes in biotechnology'. Public Understanding of Science (2008), 17(4):. Impact factor: 0.978
  • Ostry, A, S Maggi, James Tansey, James Dunn, Ruth Hershler, Lisa Chen and Clyde Hertzman. 'The Impact of Psychosocial Work Conditions on Mental Health among Western Canadian Sawmill Workers'. Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health. 25.2 (2006): 59 - 70.
  • Tansey, James. 'Interactive Sustainability: An Introduction'. Integrated Assessment. (2006), Vol. 4, pp1-6.
  • Arvai, Joseph L, Gavin Bridge, Nives Dolsak, Robert Franzese, Tomas Koontz, April Luginbuhl, Paul Robbins, Kenneth Richards, Katrina Smith Korfmacher, Brent Sohngen, James Tansey and Alexander Thompson. 'Adaptive management of the global climate problem: Bridging the gap between climate research and climate policy'. Climatic Change. 78.1 (September 2006): 217 - 225. Impact factor: 2.5
  • James Tansey and Burgess, Michael. 2006, 'Complexity of public interest in ethical analysis of genomics: Ethical reflections on salmon genomics/aquaculture'. Integrated Assessment. 6.2 (2006): 37 - 57.

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