James Brander

Brander James

James Brander

BA (British Columbia), MA PhD (Stanford)
Asia Pacific Professor in International Business and Public Policy
Professor, Strategy and Business Economics Division

Selected publications

  • James Brander and Edward Egan (2018). "Seniority Wages in the National Hockey League" Eastern Economic Journal 44(1), 84-96.
  • James Brander and Gregor Smith (2017). "Economic Research in Canada: Evolution and Convergence", Canadian Journal of Economics 50:1197-1223. (December).
  • James Brander, Victor Cui, and Ilan Vertinsky (2017) "China and Intellectual Property Rights: A Challenge to the Rule of Law", Journal of International Business Studies 48(7), 908-921.
  • James Brander and Thomas Ross (2017). "Estimating Damages to Direct and Indirect Purchasers in Price-Fixing Actions", Canadian Competition Law Review, 30(1)  (May): 1-39.
  • James Brander and Edward Egan (2017).  "The Winner's Curse in Acquisitions of Privately-held Firms", Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance. 65:249-262
  • James Brander and Wei Zhang (2017) "Employee Relations and Innovation: An Empirical Analysis Using Panel Data".  Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 27(4) pp. 368-384.
  • James Brander, Qianqian Du, and Thomas Hellmann (2015). "The Effects of Government-Sponsored Venture Capital: International Evidence". Review of Finance 19(2): 571-618.

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