James B. Warren, Sr. (In Memoriam)

James B. Warren, Sr. (In Memoriam)

Meet James B. Warren, Sr. (In Memoriam)

James Beresford Warren, Sr., an Emeritus Associate Professor of Marketing passed away in 2013.

During his tenure at UBC, Professor James Warren, Sr. was very active in industrial associations and became a director of several and consultant to many, including being the President of the Northwest Business Administration Conference and past Director and honorary life member, Sales and Marketing Executives, Vancouver B.C.

Additionally, he developed a highly successful three year diploma program for executives in British Columbia. The program, now approximately 50 years old, is still flourishing and plays a prominent role in the relationship between Sales and Marketing Executives and the University of British Columbia. Professor Warren also authored a number of articles on the pulp and paper industry and northwest lumber industry.  His academic career spanned more than 30 years.

James Beresford Warren, Sr. will be dearly missed by his friends and family.