Jack Favilukis

Jack Favilukis

Meet Jack Favilukis

M.Phil, PhD (New York)
Assistant Professor, Finance Division

Selected publications

  • "The Macroeconomic Effects of housing Wealth, Housing Finance, and Limited Risk Sharing in General Equilibrium", with Sydney Ludvigson and Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, Journal of Political Economy, Jan. 2017, Vol. 125 (1), pp. 140-223.
  • "Does Wage Rigidity Make Firms Riskier? Evidence from Long-Horizon Return Predictability", with Xiaoji Lin, Journal of Monetary Economics, April 2016, Vol. 78, pp. 80-95.
  • "Wage Rigidity: A Quantitative Solution to Several Asset Pricing Puzzles", with Xiaoji Lin, Review of Financial Studies, January 2016, Vol. 29 (1), pp. 148-192.
  • “Wealth Inequality, Stock Market Participant, and the Equity Premium”, Journal of Financial Economics, March 2013, Vol. 107 (3), pp. 740-759.
  • “Long Run Productivity Risk and Aggregate Investment”, with Xiaoji Lin, Journal of Monetary Economics, September 2013, Vol. 60 (6), pp 737-751.

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