Izak Benbasat

Izak Benbasat

Meet Izak Benbasat

BA (Robert College, Istanbul), MSc PhD (Minnesota)
Doctorat Honoris Causa, Université de Montréal (2009).
Fellow, Royal Society of Canada (Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences)
Sauder Distinguished Professor of Information Systems
Professor Emeritus, Accounting and Information Systems Division

Selected publications

  • Grange, Camille; Benbasat, Izak; Burton-Jones, Andrew “With a little help from my friends: cultivating serendipity in online shopping environments” (forthcoming   Information & Management).
  • Grange, Camille; Benbasat, Izak; Burton-Jones, Andrew, "A Network-Based Conceptualization of Social Commerce and Social Commerce Value” (forthcoming   Computers in Human Behavior).
  • Ghasemaghaei, Maryam, Hassanein, Khaled, and Izak Benbasat “Designing Recommendation Agents for Older Adults: The Roles of Cognitive Age & Agent Comprehensiveness” Management Information Systems Quarterly Volume 43 No. 1, pp. 329-346 March 2019.
  • Ho, S.M., Kaarst-Brown, M., and Benbasat, I. “Trustworthiness attribution: Inquiry into insider threat detection” Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology Volume 69, No. 2, pp. 271-280, 2018.
  • Xu, D., I. Benbasat, and Cenfetelli R., “The Persuasion Outcomes and the Mediating Role of the Functional Triad: The Users’ Perspective” Information Systems Journal Volume 28, pp. 956–988, 2018,  https://doi.org/10.1111/isj.12183
  • Xiao, Bo, and I. Benbasat,  “Beyond Order Effect: Examining the Influence of Biased Personalized Product Recommendations on Consumers’ Decision Making Outcomes” Decision Support Systems Volume 110 pp. 46-57, 2018
  • Katzaji, M., Cavusoglu, H., Haftor, D. and Benbasat, I. "Escalation of Commitment as an Antecedent to Noncompliance with Information Security Policy" Information and Computer Security, Volume 26 Issue: 2, pp.171-193, 2018.
  • Grange, Camille and Izak Benbasat, “Opinion Seeking in a Social Network-Enabled Product Review Website: A Study of Word-of-Mouth in the Era of Digital Social Networks European Journal of Information Systems Volume 27, Issue 6, pp. 629-653, 2018.
  • Mäntymäki, Matti , Islam, Najmul, and I. Benbasat “Duality of self-promotion on social networking sites'” Information Technology & People, https://doi.org/10.1108/ITP-07-2017-0213, 2018.

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