Ilan Vertinsky

Ilan Vertinsky

Meet Ilan Vertinsky

BA (Hebrew), PhD (California, Berkeley)
Vinod Sood Professor in International Business
Professor, Strategy and Business Economics Division and Operations and Logistics Division

Selected publications

  • Cui, V., Young H., Vertinsky I. (2017) "Attacking Your Partners: Strategic Alliances and Competition Between Partners in Product Markets".  Strategic Management Journal, Forthcoming.
  • Brander, J., Cui V., Vertinsky I. (2017) "China and Intellectual Property Rights: A Challenge to the Rule of Law" Journal of International Business Studies, Forthcoming.
  • Yumagulova, L., Vertinsky, I. (2017) "Climate Change Adaptation and Flood Management in Metro Vancouver Regional Area: Can an Exercise in Herding Cats be Successful? Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems, 5(2) 273-288, June 2017
  • Kant, S. Vertinsky, I. Zheng. B. (2016) "Valuation of First Nations Peoples' Social, Cultural, and Land Use Activities Using Life Satisfaction Approach" Forest Policy and Economics, 72:46-55
  • Park, C., Vertinsky, I. (2016) "Reverse and Conventional Knowledge Transfers in International Joint Ventures" Journal of Business Research 69(8) 2821-2829
  • Pe'er,A., Vertinsky, I. Keil, T. (2016) "Growth and Survival: The Moderating Effects of Local Agglomeration and Local Market Structure" Strategic Management Journal, 37(3) 541-564
  • Cui, V., Vertinsky, I., Robinson, S., Branzei, O. (2015) "Trust in the workplace: The role of social interaction diversity in the community and in the workplace" Business and Society, published online October 2015

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