Hernan Ortiz Molina

Hernan Ortiz Molina

Meet Hernan Ortiz Molina

BS (Buenos Aires), MA (CEMA), PhD (Maryland)
Associate Professor and Chair, Finance Division

Selected publications

  • Klasa, S., Ortiz-Molina, H., Serfling, M.A., Srinivasan, S. "Trade Secrets and Capital Structure Decisions"; Conditionally accepted at the Journal of Financial Economics on April 11, 2017.
  • Ortiz-Molina, H., Phillips, G. (2014). "Real Asset Illiquidity and the Cost of Capital". Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 49 (1), 1-32 (lead article).
  • Cohen-Freue, G., V., Ortiz-Molina, H., Zamar, R. (2013). "A Natural Robustification of the Ordinary Instrumental Variables Estimator." Biometrics, 69 (3), 641-650.  
  • Bena, J., Ortiz-Molina, H. (2013). "Pyramidal Ownership Links and the Financing of New Firms". Journal of Financial Economics, 108, 798-821.
  • Chen, H., Kacperczyk, M., Ortiz-Molina, H. (2012). "Do Non-Financial Stakeholders Affect the Pricing of Risky Debt? Evidence from Unionized Workers" Review of Finance, 16 (2), 347-383. Runner up for the Spängler IQAM Prize for the best paper published in the Review of Finance in 2012.

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