Harish Krishnan


Harish Krishnan

BEng (Delhi), MS (Alabama), MA (Michigan), PhD (Michigan)
Professor, Operations and Logistics Division

Selected publications

  • “The Impact of Supply Chains on Firm-Level Productivity” (with Juan Serpa), Management Science, 64 (2), Feb 2018, pp. 511-532.
  • The impact of working capital financing costs on the efficiency of trade credit” (with Sripad Devalkar), Production and Operations Management, 28 (4), April 2019, pp. 878-889.
  • “How Blockchain Can Shape Sustainable Global Value Chains: An Evidence, Verifiability, and Enforceability (EVE) Framework” (with William Nikolakis and Lijo John), forthcoming at Sustainability, 2018, 10(11), 3926.
  • Managing Reputation Risk in Supply Chains: The Role of Risk-sharing under Limited Liability” (with Vibhuti Dhingra), forthcoming at Management Science
  • “Cost-raising internalization in supply chain design” (with Xin Geng and Maurice Queyranne), forthcoming at Naval Research Logistics.

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