Harish Krishnan


Harish Krishnan

BEng (Delhi), MS (Alabama), MA (Michigan), PhD (Michigan)
Professor, Operations and Logistics Division
Director, Centre for Operations Excellence

Selected publications

  • Serpa, J.C., Krishnan, H. (2017). The Impact of Supply Chains on Firm-Level Productivity, Management Science, 64 (2), February 2018, pp. 511-532.
  • Serpa, J.C. and Krishnan, H. (2017). The strategic role of business insurance, Management Science, 63 (2), February 2017, pp. 384-404.
  • Shao, J., Krishnan H., McCormick, S.T. (2016). Gray markets and supply chain incentives". Production and Operations Management, 25 (11), November 2016, pp. 1807-1819.
  • Serpa, J.C. and Krishnan, H. (2016). Policy incentives for dangerous (but necessary) operations, forthcoming in Production and Operations Management (published online, October 2016).
  • Mantin, B., Krishnan, H., Dhar, T.P. (2014).  "The strategic role of third-party marketplaces in retailing".  Production and Operations Management, 23 (11), Nov 2014, pp. 1937-1949

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