Frieda Granot

Frieda Granot

Meet Frieda Granot

BSc, MSc (Technion, Israel), PhD (Texas)
Advisory Council Chair in Management Science
Professor, Operations and Logistics Division

Selected publications

  • I.Ciuera-Infosino, F. Granot and A.F. Veinott Jr., "Multi-Commodity Production Planning: Quantitative Analysis and Applications" MSOM, Vol 17, Issue 4, 2015, pp. 589-607, (2015).
  • I.Ciuera-Infosino, F. Granot and A.F. Veinott Jr., "Substitutes, Complements and Ripples in Multi-community Flows on Suspension Graphs".  NETWORKS, Volume 64, Issue 2, pages 65-75, September 2014.
  • D. Granot, F. Granot and Harshavardhan Ravichandran" The k-Centrum Chinese Postman Problem and Related Cost Allocation Game:, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 179 (2014), 100-108.
  • D. Granot and F. Granot, "On Graphs Which Can or Cannot Induce Chinese Postman Game with a Non-Empty Core". Discrete Applied Mathematics, 160, 2012, pp. 2054-2059.
  • F. Granot, S. T. McCormick, M. Queyranne and F. Tardella. "Structural and Algorithmic Properties for Parametric Minimum Cuts", Mathematical Programming, 135, 2012, pp. 337-367.

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