David Silver

David Silver

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BA (Stanford University), PhD (University of Arizona)
Associate Professor, Sustainability and Ethics Group
Chair in Business and Professional Ethics, W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics

Selected publications

  • David Silver (2015). Business ethics after citizen united: a contractualist analysis. Journal of Business Ethics 127 (2): 385-397
  • David Silver (2012). Citizens as Contractualist Stakeholders. Journal of Business Ethics 109 (1):3-13.
  • David Silver (2008). Defending the Independence Constraint: A Reply to Snider. Religious Studies 44 (2):203-207.
  • David Silver (2006). Collective Responsibility, Corporate Responsibility and Moral Taint. Midwest Studies in Philosophy 30 (1):269–278.
  • David Silver (2005). A Strawsonian Defense of Corporate Moral Responsibility. American Philosophical Quarterly 42 (4):279 - 293.

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