David Gillen

Photo of David Gillen.

David Gillen

Ph.D. (University of Toronto)
Director, Centre for Transportation Studies
YVR Professor of Transportation Policy
Professor, Operations and Logistics Division

Selected publications

  • Laingo Randrianarisoa and David Gillen (2022), Reducing Sulphur Emissions: A Supply Chain Perspective, Transportation Research D: Transport & the Environment, Vol. 102 (January) 103074
  • Mehrnaz Ashrafi, Jane Lister and David Gillen (2021) Toward a Harmonization of Sustainability Criteria for Alternative Marine Fuels Maritime Transport Research: Special Issue: Shipping Decarbonization and Green Ports, Vol. 3, 1000052
  • Omar Swei, David Gillen and Anuabek Onayev (2021), Improving Productivity Measures of Producing Transportation Infrastructure using Quality-Adjusted Price Indices, Transport Policy, Vol. 114 (December) 372-381
  • Albert Assaf and David Gillen (2020) Firm Performance: Differentiating between Uncontrollable and Controllable Bad Outputs, Tourism Management, Vol 80 (2) (October) 104107

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