David Clough

David Clough

Meet David Clough

BA, MEng (University of Cambridge), PhD (INSEAD)
Assistant Professor, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Division, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group

Selected publications

  • Clough, D. R., Pan Fang, T., Vissa, B., & Wu, A. (2019). "Turning Lead Into Gold: How do Entrepreneurs Mobilize Resources to Exploit Opportunities?" Academy of Management Annals, 13(1): 240-271.
  • Clough, D. R. & Reineke, P. (2017) "Untangling the Behavioral and Relational Antecedents of Learning Traps in Inter-Organizational Ties" in Guclu Atinc (Ed.), Proceedings of the Seventy-seventh Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. Online ISSN: 2151-6561.

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