Darren Dahl

Darren Dahl

Meet Darren Dahl

BCom (Alberta), PhD (UBC)
Senior Associate Dean, Faculty
Director of the Robert H. Lee Graduate School
Innovate BC Professor in Sales and Sales Management
Professor, Marketing and Behavioural Science Division

Selected publications

  • Umashankar, Nita, Morgan K. Ward, and Darren W. Dahl “The Benefit of Becoming Friends: Complaining after Service Failures Leads to Customers with Strong Ties to Increase Loyalty,” Journal of Marketing, (forthcoming).
  • Argo, Jennifer J. and Darren W. Dahl “Standards of Beauty: The Impact of Mannequins in the Retail Context”, Journal of Consumer Research, (forthcoming).
  • Mehta, Ravi, Darren W. Dahl, and Rui (Juliet) Zhu “Social-Recognition versus Money? Exploring the Effects of Creativity Contingent External Rewards on Creativity”, Journal of Consumer Research, (forthcoming).
  • Kristofferson, Kirk, Brent McFerran, Andrea C. Morales, and Darren W. Dahl (2017) “The Dark Side of Scarcity Promotions: How Exposure to Limited-Quantity Promotions Can Induce Aggression”, Journal of Consumer Research, 43(5), 683-706.
  • Olson, Jenny G., Brent McFerran, Andrea C. Morales, and Darren W. Dahl (2016) “Wealth and Welfare: Divergent Moral Reactions to Ethical Consumer Choices”, Journal of Consumer Research, 42(6), 879-896.

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