Danielle van Jaarsveld

Danielle van Jaarsveld

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AB (Princeton), MS, PhD (Cornell)

Selected publications

  • Li, Y., Wang, M., van Jaarsveld, Danielle D., & Ma, D. (In Press). From Employee-experienced high involvement work system to innovation: An emergence-based human resource management framework. Academy of Management Journal.
  • Subramony, Mahesh, Holcombe, Karen, Groth, Markus, Holtom, Brooks C., van Jaarsveld, Danielle D., Yagil, Dana, Darabi, Tiffany, Walker, David D., Bowen, David, Fisk, Raymond P., Gronroos, Christina, & Wirtz, Jochen. (2017). Accelerating employee-related scholarship in service management: Research streams, propositions, and commentaries. Journal of Service Management. 28(5): 837-865.
  • Walker, D. D., van Jaarsveld, Danielle D., & Skarlicki, D. P. (2017). Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can also hurt me: The relationship between customer verbal aggression and employee incivility. Journal of Applied Psychology, 102(2), 163-179.
  • Skarlicki, D., van Jaarsveld, Danielle D., Shao, R., Song, H., & Wang, M. (2016). Extending the multifoci perspective: The role of supervisor justice and moral identity in the relationship between customer justice and customer-directed sabotage. Journal of Applied Psychology.101(1): 108-121.
  • Yanadori, Y., & van Jaarsveld, Danielle D. (2014). The Relationships of Informal High Performance Work Practices to Job Satisfaction and Workplace Profitability. Industrial Relations.53(3): 501-534.

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