Christopher Thomas Ryan

Chris Ryan

Christopher Thomas Ryan

BA, Mathematics (UBC)
Associate Professor, Operations and Logistics Division

Selected Publications

  • Incentivized actions in freemium games (with Lifei Sheng, Mahesh Nagarajan, Y. Cheng, and C. Tong), Manufacturing & Service Operations Management. Volume 24(1), 2022, Pages 275-284.

  • A simplex method for countably-infinite linear programs, (with Archis Ghate and Robert L. Smith), SIAM Journal on Optimization. Volume 31(4), 2021, Pages 3157-3183.

  • Incentive design for operations-marketing multitasking, (with Tinglong Dai and Rongzhu Ke), Management Science. Volume 67(4), 2021, Pages 2211-2230.

  • Dual-based methods for solving infinite-horizon nonstationary deterministic dynamic programs, (with Robert L Smith), Mathematical Programming. Volume 187(1), 2021, Pages, 253-285.

  • The discrete moment problem with nonconvex shape constraints, (with Xi Chen, Simai He, Bo Jiang, and Teng Zhang), Operations Research. Volume 69(1), 2021 Pages 279-296.

  • A general solution method for moral hazard problems, (with Rongzhu Ke), Theoretical Economics, 2018. Volume 13(3), Pages 1425-1481.

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