Christopher Thomas Ryan


Christopher Thomas Ryan

BA, Mathematics (UBC)
Assistant Professor, Operations and Logistics Division

Selected Publications

  • A. Basu, K. Martin, C.T. Ryan, and G. Wang (2018). Mixed integer representability, disjunctions and elimination. To appear in Mathematics of Operations Research.
  • R. Ke and C.T. Ryan (2018). A general solution method for moral hazard problems. Theoretical Economics, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 1425–1481.
  • R. Ke and C.T. Ryan (2018). Monotonicity of optimal contracts without the first order approach. Operations Research, Volume 66, Issue 4, Pages 1101-1118.
  • K. Martin, C.T. Ryan and M. Stern (2016). The Slater conundrum: Duality and pricing in infinite dimensional optimization. SIAM Journal on Optimization, Volume 26, Issue 1, Pages 111–138.
  • A. Basu, K. Martin, and C.T. Ryan (2014). Projection: A unified approach to semi-infinite linear programs and duality in convex programming. Mathematics of Operations Research. Volume 40, Issue 11, Pages 146–170.
  • M. Köppe, C.T. Ryan, and M. Queyranne (2011). Rational generating functions and integer programming games. Operations Research, Volume 59, Number 1, Pages 1445–1460.

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