C. Tsuriel (Tsur) Somerville

C. Tsuriel (Tsur)  Somerville

C. Tsuriel (Tsur) Somerville

BA (Hebrew), PhD (Harvard)
Real Estate Foundation of BC Professor in Real Estate Finance
Associate Professor, Strategy and Business Economics Division

Selected publications

  • Davidoff, T., Pavlov, A. and T. Somerville., "Not in my Neighbour's Backyard? Laneway Homes and Neighbours' Property Values". Journal of Urban Economics, 128, March 2022.
  • Somerville, T., Wang, L., and Yang, Y., “Using purchase restrictions to cool housing markets: A within-market analysis”. Journal of Urban Economics, 115, 2020. ISSN 0094-1190,
  • Pavlov, A. and Somerville, T., , “Immigration, Capital Flows, and Housing Prices”Real Estate Economics, 48 (3), 2020, 915-949.


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