Brian Bemmels

Brian Bemmels

Meet Brian Bemmels

BA, PhD (Minnesota)
William Hamilton Chair in Industrial Relations
Professor, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Division

Selected publications

  • Bemmels, B., Brown, G., Barclay, L. (2010). The Importance of Policy in Organizational Justice Perceptions. Human Relations.
  • Bemmels, B., Lau D. (2001). Satisfaction with Grievance Procedures: Local Union Leaders' Perspectives. Journal of Labor Research, 24(3), 653-667.
  • Au, K., Bemmels, B. (2000). Determining the Effects of Exit, Voice, Loyalty, and Neglect on Changing a Dubious Decision. Advances in International and Comparative Management, 13, 205-225.
  • Bemmels, B., Foley, J. (1996). Grievance Procedure Research: A Review and Theoretical Recommendations. Journal of Management in Medicine, 22(3), 359-384.
  • Javidan, M., Bemmels, B., Stratoon-Devine, K., Dastmalchian, A. (1995). Superior and Subordinate Gender and the Acceptance of Superiors as Role Models. Human Relations, 48(11), 1271-1284.

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