Ayumu Ken Kikkawa

Ken Kikkawa headshot

Ayumu Ken Kikkawa

B.Eng. (University of Tokyo), M.A., PhD. (University of Chicago)
Assistant Professor, Strategy & Business Economics Division

Selected publications

  • Emmanuel Dhyne, Ayumu Ken Kikkawa, and Glenn Magerman (2022)  "Imperfect Competition in Firm-to-Firm Trade", Journal of the European Economic Association.
  • Rudolfs Bems, Ayumu Ken Kikkawa (2021) "Measuring Trade in Value Added with Firm-level Data", Journal of International Economics, Vol. 129.
  • Emmanuel Dhyne, Ayumu Ken Kikkawa, Magne Mogstad, and Felix Tintelnot (2021) "Trade and Domestic Production Networks",  Review of Economic Studies, Volume 88, Issue 2, Pages 643–668.
  • Ayumu Ken Kikkawa, Akira Sasahara (2020) "Gains from Trade and the Sovereign Bond Market",  European Economic Review, Volume 124.


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