Anthony Boardman

Anthony Boardman

Anthony Boardman

BA (Kent), PhD (Carnegie-Mellon)
Van Dusen Professor of Business Administration
Professor Emeritus, Strategy and Business Economics Division

Anthony Boardman is the Van Dusen Professor of Business Administration in the Strategy and Business Economics Division at the University of British Columbia. He studied for his B.A. at the University of Kent at Canterbury in England and obtained his Ph.D. from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Prior to joining UBC he was on the faculty at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Boardman's research interests include analysis of the performance and productivity of public and private organisations, the effects of ownership on performance, privatisation, contracting out, public-private partnerships, cost-benefit analysis, and strategic management. He has published extensively in many leading academic journals. The fourth edition of Cost-Benefit Analysis: Concepts and Practice was published last year..

Dr. Boardman has consulted for a wide range of public sector and private sector organisations and is President of Norfolk Consulting Group. He previously served on the Pharmaceconomic Initiative and the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board. Currently, he serves on the Board of the Institute for Health System Transformation and Sustainability. He enjoys his spare time with his family, sailing, skiing and playing tennis.

Selected publications

  • Vining, A., Boardman, A., Moore, M. "The Theory and Evidence Pertaining to Local Government Mixed Enterprises", Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics 85(1), 2014, 53-86. 
  • Moore, M., Boardman, A., Vining, A. "The Choice of the Social Discount Rate and the Opportunity Cost of Public Funds", Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis 4(3), 2013, 401-409.
  • Moore, M., Boardman, A., Vining, A. (2013). "More Appropriate Discounting: The Rate of Social Time Preference and the Value of the Social Discount Rate", Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis 4(1), 1-16
  • Boardman, A., Laurin, C., Moore, M., Vining, A. (2013). "Efficiency, Profitability and Welfare Gains form the Canadian National Railway Privatization", Research in Transportation Business and Management 6, 19-33
  • Boardman, A.,Vining, A. (2012). "The Political Economy of Public-Private Partnerships and Analysis of their Social Value", Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 83(2) 117-141.

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