Anming Zhang

Anming Zhang

Meet Anming Zhang

B.Sc. (Shanghai Jiao-Tong University),
M.Sc., PhD (University of British Columbia)
Vancouver International Airport Authority Professor in Air Transportation
Professor, Operations and Logistics Division

Selected publications

  • Li, H., K. Yu, K. Wang and A. Zhang (2019), “Market power and its determinants in the Chinese railway industry,” Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 120, 261-276.
  • Shao, J., H. Yang and A. Zhang (2019), “Adoption of electric vehicles: Manufacturers’ incentive and government policy,” Journal of Transport Economics and Policy 53(2), 175-198.
  • Balliauw, M., P. Kort and A. Zhang (2019), “Capacity investment decisions of two competing ports under uncertainty: A strategic real options approach,” Transportation Research Part B: Methodological 122, 249-264.
  • Randrianarisoa, L. and A. Zhang (2019), “Adaptation to climate change effects and competition between ports: Invest now or later?” Transportation Research Part B: Methodological 123, 279-322.
  • Zhou, Z., H. Chen, L. Han and A. Zhang (2019), “The effect of a subway on house prices: Evidence from Shanghai,” Real Estate Economics, in press.
  • Zhang, A., Y. Wan and H. Yang (2019), “Impacts of high-speed rail on airlines, airports and regional economies: A survey of recent research,” Transport Policy in press.

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