Anming Zhang

Anming Zhang

Anming Zhang

B.Sc. (Shanghai Jiao-Tong University),
M.Sc., PhD (University of British Columbia)
Vancouver International Airport Authority Professor in Air Transportation
Professor, Operations and Logistics Division

Selected publications

  • Zhang, Y., A. Zhang and J. Wang (2020), “Exploring the roles of high-speed rail, air and coach services in the spread of COVID-19 in China,” Transport Policy 94, 34-42.
  • Sun, X., S. Wandelt and A. Zhang (2020), “How did COVID-19 impact air transportation? A first peek through the lens of complex networks,” Journal of Air Transport Management 89, 101928.

  • Zhou, Z., H. Chen, L. Han and A. Zhang (2021), “The effect of a subway on house prices: Evidence from Shanghai,” Real Estate Economics 49 (S1), 199-234.

  • Zhou, Z. and A. Zhang (2021), “High-speed rail and industrial developments: Evidence from house prices and city-level GDP in China,” Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 149, 98-113.

  • Chen, P., Y. Lu, Y. Wan and A. Zhang (2021), “Assessing carbon dioxide emissions of high-speed rail: The case of Beijing-Shanghai corridor,” Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 97, 102949.

  • Sun, X., S. Wandelt and A. Zhang (2022), “Air transportation as a puzzle piece of COVID-19 in Africa?” Research in Transportation Business and Management, 43, 100780.

  • Zhou, Z., H. Li and A. Zhang (2022), “Does bike sharing increase house prices? Evidence from micro-level data and the impact of COVID-19,” Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, in press.

  • Kidokoro, Y. and A. Zhang (2022), “Airport cities and social welfare,” Transportation Research Part B: Methodological 158, 187-209.

  • Kidokoro, Y. and A. Zhang (2022), “Single-till regulation, dual-till regulation, and social welfare,” Journal of Transport Economics and Policy 56(2), 190-216.

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