Álvaro Parra

Alvaro Parra

Álvaro Parra

BA (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile), MA PhD (Northwestern)
Assistant Professor, Strategy & Business Economics Division

Selected publications


  • Espin-Sanchez, José, Wang, Yuzhou and Parra, Álvaro (Forthcoming). "Equilibrium Uniqueness in Entry Games with Private Information." RAND Journal of Economics.
  • Parra, Álvaro ⓡ Marshall, Guillermo (Forthcoming). "Monopsony Power and Upstream Innovation." Journal of Industrial Economics.
  • Marshall, Guillermo, and Parra, Álvaro (April 2021). "Announcing High Prices to Deter Innovation." Management Science, Vol. 67, No. 4, 2448-2465
  • Parra, Álvaro (September 2019). "Sequential Innovation, Patent Policy, and the Dynamics of the Replacement Effect." RAND Journal of Economics, Vol 50 , No. 4, 568-590
  • Marshall, Guillermo, and Parra, Álvaro (July 2019). "Innovation and Competition: The Role of Product Market Competition." International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol.65, 221-247


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