UBC MBA remains among world’s top programs in 2014 Financial Times Global MBA Rankings

UBC Sauder Acton Ostry

The UBC MBA continues to be ranked among the top 100 MBA programs in the world in the 2014 Financial Times Global MBA Ranking published today. Ranked 72nd, the UBC MBA, offered by the Sauder School of Business’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School, placed 3rd among just five Canadian schools to make the top 100 and is the only school west of Ontario to place.

“Our presence in this ranking keeps us part of an exceptionally competitive field of elite global programs – the top 5 per cent of business schools worldwide,” says Sauder School of Business Dean Robert Helsley, Grosvenor Professor of Cities, Business Economics and Public Policy. “Although the ranking is only one measure of the school’s quality, I’m pleased that the rigour of our program, the strength of our research and our ongoing efforts to provide transformational experiences for our students continue to be well recognized.”

Sauder remains competitive with its Canadian peers in categories of the FT’s ranking focused on alumni career success. Salaries of UBC MBA graduates track very closely with those of alumni from other Canadian programs, including those in Toronto, Canada’s financial centre.

The school leads Canadian programs in the category of career progress at 58th in the world, and the UBC MBA maintained its top rank among North American schools for the international mobility of its graduates, placing 33rd worldwide. Sauder made a sizable leap in the category assessing the MBA program’s value for money, jumping to 29th worldwide from 45th in 2013, and now ranks second highest in Canada.

Rankings in categories reflecting academic strength were among Sauder’s highest. The school’s research rank is the second highest in Canada at 24th in the world based on publications in selected journals. Sauder’s doctoral program continues to be among the world’s best, ranking 38th globally.

This year’s ranking is based on surveys of business schools and their alumni who graduated in 2010. All five Canadian schools included in the ranking dropped this year, likely due in part to strong salary numbers obtained by U.S. business school graduates as that country’s economy recovers from the 2008 financial crisis.

This is the 14th consecutive year the UBC MBA has ranked among the world’s top 100 programs in the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking.