UBC Sauder set to expand career-focused courses for working professionals

Posted 2017-04-12

This June, UBC Sauder School of Business will expand its range of professional development programs in the areas of digital communications, technology and project management when a number of business related programs will be transferred to the school from UBC Continuing Studies.

The transfer will allow the business school to offer a broader variety of career-focused non-degree programs, ranging from established courses for senior business leaders offered by UBC Sauder Executive Education to new programs geared towards people in their early-to mid-career who are interested in advancement and change.

“We look forward to bringing these programs to UBC Sauder and are committed to maintaining an excellent level of customer service while the programs are transitioned to the school,” said Robert Helsley, Dean of UBC Sauder. “The addition of these programs will allow the faculty to better meet the needs of young professionals engaged in a workforce that demands an ever-increasing set of applied business and digital skills.”

UBC Sauder will be acquiring programs currently offered in the UBC Continuing Studies Technology, Media and Professional Programs unit. Included is a portfolio of programs focused on areas such as project management, business analysis, digital analytics, social media, digital content and experience design, IT and much more.

Interested participants can continue to enroll in these programs via the UBC Continuing Studies website while the transition is undertaken.

“Throughout the transition, we will minimize any disruption for prospective and current students, and will work with them to ensure excellence in their learning experience,” said Bruce Wiesner, Associate Dean, UBC Sauder Executive Education. “We recognize the strong track record these courses have in helping participants build skills in high-growth areas of the career market, and we will continue to evolve the programs to ensure they deliver the in-demand expertise professionals need.”

The transfer of programs to UBC Sauder will take place as part of a larger evolution of UBC Continuing Studies into a unit called UBC Extended Learning, beginning in July this year. Extended Learning will build on the strengths of Continuing Studies and will continue to provide outstanding flexible learning experiences, with an additional mandate to support faculties in growing and expanding UBC’s career and personal education.