UBC Sauder to provide real estate education in Saskatchewan

Posted 2017-10-11

The Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission, which regulates real estate professionals in that province, has chosen the UBC Sauder School of Business’ Real Estate Division as its future real estate registration education provider, effective January 1, 2019.

The new partnership will see UBC Sauder provide real estate registration courses and exams, as well as ongoing professional development courses that are mandated for all registrants on an annual basis.

“This is an exciting opportunity for UBC Sauder and allows us to apply our experience and expertise in providing similar award-winning programs in a way that aligns with the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission’s commitment to high professional standards for their registration courses,” said Dave Moore, director of licensing education at UBC Sauder. “The courses will support the Commission’s mission to protect the public interest and provide registrants with education that will allow them to contribute positively to the real estate industry in Saskatchewan.”

The blended learning courses will offer students a number of different ways to learn, from print materials and phone and email tutorial services to numerous online resources, such as audio and video lectures and digital flashcards. In addition, the convenient online format will allow students to access their education anytime and anywhere.

UBC Sauder’s Real Estate Division is a full service supplier of online and classroom education services comprised of licensing, credit and professional development courses and examinations. Since the Division’s founding, UBC Sauder has emerged as one of the leading real estate licensing and education providers in North America, and currently offers comprehensive licensing and mortgage brokerage courses on behalf of regulatory bodies in British Columbia.